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Happy 24th Birthday Yamada!

Here is my latest fanvid for your birthday.

I was almost not going to make one due to finals week. It has been a tough week, but making this has healed me a lot. Yamada heals! Anyways, I hope you all enjoy!

Here is a fanvid of Bernie Sanders. The best presidential candidate for America. I really hope he wins, but the election process is failing him through massive cheating and due to the corporate owned media/government. It would take a miracle to win, but we've gotta try! Please share!

Happy 22nd Birthday Yamada Ryosuke!

Happy 22nd Birthday Yamada!

Here is my latest fanvid. It seems like I make one once a year. It takes quite a long time, but it is so much fun. I didn't sleep at all though because I ran into technical issues (had to even remake it all from scratch when I lost more than half of it -_-), but it is worth it and I tried making it even better than the first try.

I really wanted to make a fanvid after hearing this beautiful tagalog song. Usually, I get taken in by a song first before I decide to make any vids from it. It totally expresses the warm feelings I feel. :D The rough translation of the song is in the video description. Enjoy!

Happy 21st Birthday Yamada Ryosuke!

Usually, I celebrate your birthday a day later, but I decided to use the real Japan time for this year. It is exactly 4:18am, May 9th in Tokyo! Happy 21st Birthday Ryosuke Yamada!

I'm actually unsure of what to write because I am not good with words in expressing my feelings. I can use words to express a lot, but when it comes to my feelings, it isn't good. haha.

Which is why I made music videos/fan vids, which are a closer expression of what I feel. Anyways, I just wanted to post all my videos here in one go as my tribute to your 21st birthday. May you always be healthy, strong, and happy, though I know from experience that life is tough and perhaps for you as an entertainer with so much responsibility, the hardships are also difficult to bear. But I hope you enjoy your birthday and have a blessed year! I will always be supporting you!

Also, my first Yamada video ever. A slideshow of Hidarime Tantei eye. Spoilers included. When I didn't know how to use clips, I made screenshots instead.

New Yamada fanvid!

I was surprised at myself. I usually don't make a fanvid unless it is his birthday. But for the longest time I wanted to make a cool fanvid that shows off HSJ's dancing. While working on another project for my relatives, I suddenly had this strong desire to make another Yamada fanvid, so I stayed up the whole night furiously working on it (which really fits with the song title "Insomnia").

Here it is!

Ultra Music Power Radio

So I have been listening to HS7 radio for a long while now (years). And I feel like a fool when I stop to think "hey, I can't understand any of this" hahaha. I hope to eventually learn japanese, but in the meanwhile, does anybody know of a place where they translate the radio shows? Or is anybody willing to write at-least a synopsis of each show? I know I would appreciate it.

Here is one user who has uploaded/collected some of the shows. It seems the guys are switching monthly now. I feel like I'm missing out on a lot...:(

But oh, well. This is what happens when I like a group, but can't speak their language. Anyways, if anybody has any suggestions or news, I would really appreciate it!


Happy 20th Birthday Yamada Ryosuke!

I made this for your birthday! I didn't think I would make another one because these things take a long time, but the 20th birthday is very special. It was very fun looking for clips and re-watching your vids. I also spent some time re-reading your quotes. Overall, this was a very Yamada-centered past 2 weeks. It was fun.

Anyways, wishing you the best with everything! Happy Birthday!

Ren and Mio Fanvid 2


Here is a link to a 2nd version of my Ikemen Desu Ne fanvid.
I simply re-edited the last half of the video to include the later episodes.

Magic Power hidden messages?

So I saw on tumblr that there may have been a secret meaning behind "Magic Power" that is for Ryutaro. The song is 4.06 min long, the same numbers as Ryutaro's birthdate. Also, if you add those two numbers you get 10, as in 10 members of JUMP! Then the cd cover is shot in a forest, where part of Ryutaro's last name(Mori) means "forest". It may be coincidence, but I hope not! I do admit that I am aware of how complex it might have been to have set up something like that, given they would have had to have talked to the songwriter and the photographer....or is it that the staff also readily supports the idea, too? My friend darkly said it may even be just a stunt to make fans happy because she has seen other groups do similar things. But what I believe is that JUMP is the most sincere group I have ever seen. I think they are very genuine and so if they did do this to convey a message to Ryutaro, I would believe it!